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Andrea Quarantotto

Michael Stonis
Andrea Quarantotto

Where are you from and how did you get into photography?
I come from Bologna, a centre-north city of Italy. I got into photography after having seen millions of pages of fashion pictures and films that contained fascinating photographs. I began taking pictures one year ago, when I decided to create a magazine of fashion photography and contemporary art:www.upandcomingstyle.com. When all this started, I decided to give it a try, I picked up my camera and saw that the thing was good and I wanted to pursue further.

How would you describe your work?
My work is a reflection of my unconscious. An unconscious that has an enormous "nostalgia".

Your images have quite a bit of mixed media, what media types do you work with?
I enjoy using extraneous elements (images that have a weird and funny imaginary of the past) that I insert into my photos so, I can get a different result each time. This type of approach can be paralleled to the method adopted by musicians of the last decade for the creation of hauntology music (chillwave & hypnagogic pop).

Since your work has a very unique feel to it do you feel it, is harder to incorporate it into commercial photography?
Good question! If commercial photography means what we see in Vogue, then I believe that my style would hardly fit into that kind of mainstream. The only cases that go against the rule, are photographers like Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson.
In part, I am inspired by them, but on the other hand I am also very different, because my works are very graphics.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use a Nikon D7000 with an 18-10 lens and a Metz 58 AF - 2 flash with a CB Mini-RC bracket, the same bracket as Terry Richardson.

How do you approach your photoshoots? Do you have something particular in mind or do you let things happen more organically?
When I begin the post production, I'm carried by the music that I'm listening at that moment and the thousands of images of other artists that I've seen in recent days.

Who are some of your influences?
Cinema is essential for me, I am influenced by film directors like Andrej Tarkovskij, John Cassavetes, Luis Buñuel, Joel ed Ethan Coen, Jean-Pierre e Luc Dardenne, Orson Welles, Abbas Kiarostami, Wong Kar Wai, Paul Thomas Anderson etc. And this was also one of the things which pushed me to start taking photographs; I wanted to understand cinema through its iconographic imagery.

Music is another important topic for my artistic imagination, since it has been making me tap my toes and nod my head since I was a teenager. I grew up with well-defined musical trends, such as Post-Punk, IDM, Shoegaze etc.

Naturally, I spend most of my time studying contemporary photographers, like Aaron McElroy, Ezra Petronio, Alex Brunet, Andrew Wiffinden, Carlos Nunez, David Richardson, Eliot Lee Hazel etc. Something many of them have in common is the massive use of flash photography, and I adore it.

Tell us about Up and Coming Style.
Up-and-Coming Style is a webzine dedicated to fashion and all its influences. Lately we are getting closer to contemporary art. Every two months a number in pdf format is published. And the main contents of our magazine are photographic editorials. Our objective is to show the best emerging artists and photographers of the world.

What can we expect from Andrea Quarantotto in the future?
I expect new motivations to develop further my career as artist and much happiness.

Website: www.andreaquarantotto.com