Michael Stonis

John Kilar

Michael Stonis
John Kilar

Tell us where you are from and how you got into photography?
Venice, California. I bought a camera off Craigslist one day for $50 and started taking photos.

How would you describe your work?
Street photography perhaps? I'm not a fan of categorizing things. I like to think that my work is raw.

Your work seems to be very environment influenced. Do you shoot things in your natural surroundings or do you pursue interesting locations?
I document my life and everyday adventures. I've never really gone out of my way to find a location to shoot. I don't stage anything.

What's typically in your camera bag?
Nothing! I don't have a camera bag. My camera is usually in my back pocket and I'll carry around an extra roll or two in my front pockets from time to time.

Do you prefer digital or film? What film do you usually shoot with?
Film. I've never shot digital. I'm not overly picky with the film I use. Usually whatevers closest. It's been Kodak 400 from Ralph's lately. I shot with shitty film from the .99 cent store for the longest time.

Who are some of your influences in photography?
Anyone who perpetually travels.

Name one photographer that our viewers should check out.
Rhi Ellis. I came across his work on Flickr not too long ago. Amazing stuff.

What are some of your goals in photography? 
To be commissioned to document traveling the world.

When you are shooting is there a general message you are looking to communicate?
Love and beauty can be found in every moment.

What do you have planned in the near future?
I have certain commissions that require me to stay in the States until late December, but I'm hoping to start constantly traveling in 2013!

Thanks John!